Why so many tumbleweeds dude?

So the question of the hour Why is this website so Bland why is it empty? Where is everything? Why does this even exist?

Well, the short answer is because it has to. In order to actually function as a business one needs a sort of internet-based. Business card

Now the same time they tell you oh, well, you know, don’t don’t don’t make your website a business card or a bee card. It’s absolute suicide. You have to have all this information, but at the same time. Keep it short be transparent, but don’t be transparent. Draw people in with an email address and then be transparent later under the guise of hey, I’ll show you something that you won’t regret buying until later.

Well, here’s the thing. Everybody is comfortable on social media. Everybody is comfortable with their Facebook profiles and their Instagram accounts and they like to network with their business partners on LinkedIn. They like to buy stuff from notable classified ad sites. They like to get on the Facebook marketplace where other people can actually Heckle the seller call them out. Talk about the prices talk about what they find on eBay. Talk about how much it is on Amazon, you know just the standard hodgepodge of barter. Haggle And lowball

And you know quite honestly, I love it. I love working with people and I love actually doing the whole haggle scene. I like stupid questions. I like the 12% of the populace that actually sits there and says, okay, I’ll give you $25 less than your asking price. If it is what you say it is. You’ve mentioned this to the world as being in this particular condition, if it’s not in this particular condition, I’m going to come back here and call you out. So my answer usually is. All right, come check it out. Make a decision for yourself. And then we’ll work on the price. Having it done this way. I don’t have to worry about the whole know. Your customer laws. I don’t have to put tracking cookies in my website. I don’t have to have you sign up and put your personal information in I don’t have to take your credit card numbers over some offshoot point-of-sale equipment. We can use what’s readily available on what you already use or we can use cash. It’s that simple. It’s that safe. It’s that transparent.

So now for the kicker Where do you find me in Utah? How do you see what I have for sale? Well for starters, I sell on KSL.com. I also sell on the Facebook Marketplace. I sell them Facebook groups. Both local and Regional I also sell on eBay. Some of my work as far as advertising and getting clients is concerned. Is done Word of Mouth? And like I said doing it this way, I don’t have to worry about data breaches. I don’t have to worry about having your information stored for 7 years on some type of backed up media device. If there’s a discount coupon if there’s some kind of promotional You can search it up on the Facebook page. You can find it on Instagram. You can find it on YouTube. You can find it on my Google business page.

Hell you can even go to Yelp. And find information about my company as well as current deals.

As well as clearance items AKA I need to get these things the hell out of my hair.

As far as the clothing line is concerned. Well, that might be something that I actually end up with a nice tour with. Possibly a Shopify store. Maybe I’ll hook up with Amazon. Right. Now the T-shirt sales have also been something. That’s a physical thing. I’ve had some people contact me on social media vial Messenger Service. And I’ve taken care of them through PayPal, Venmo or GooglePay.

Pretty simple stuff Otherwise this website is strictly a Blog to post little blurbs like this. It’s also a place where you can come to connect with my social profiles that I am active on.

There’s a little bit of a About Me section. There’s also events that are coming. But you know why once again why why why take you off of the social media networks when it’s all right there?

So thank you for the attention in this matter. I appreciate your support if you do support me.

And I do say look to the Future because this is one hell of a ride.

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