If you have managed to get this far in. Then a few hundred more words should be pretty easy to handle without a serious stomachache.

At the heart of the Dude Dangerous experience is a visible lighted pathway of good business. Most successful businessmen will tell you, in order to sell yourself or a product. People need to be engaged. The need practical stimulation to relate the prpduct to a specified need.

I’ve always marched tp a series of war drums that are outside of the box. I feel “The box” is nothing more than a water tight cage. But instead of drowning. The status normal chokes wildly on a steeming pile of shit.

Go search for used or refurbished automotive parts. Then take note of the drabble sales copy. “We strive for quality” “We are dedicated to you or your money back” “We are a family business” “We are here for the little guy”. Then you have all the hot words about the freedom to get more for less.

You have the sence of thinking “This is the only time I’m going tp find a deal like this” Then they wrap it all up in one or another story book About our company pages. “This was Grandpa Joes brain child… He believed in helping people and so do we!”

Well then. at that point you take chance
You reach out and pull the trigger and engage in buisness. What you are let with after… burned out staff, lifeless drones, or limited to no interaction. Your deal then becomes a tracking number until it’s in your hands. Or it’s a blanl stare across a counter and a “Thanks good bye”

Dude Dangerous. and the story behind him. Is one that is engaging.  The stories that plug the brand and the product are unique and one of a kind in thos industry. Sure I can talk about how I come from hard working buisnessmen. I can try to relate to you. I can tug at emotions and tell you that you won’t find a better deal anywhere else. In the end a sale is made or it isn’t

I dont need to insult people by calling them the little guy. Nor do I need to sob aboit how I’ve been there. It’s for certain if someone is buying junk yard refinished parts. There’s either a clear need or they are trying to make the most of a project on a budget. Nobody needs reminded of this. Buisness is about service. The customer isnt always right nor is the buisness owner. Service should be rewarding for both parties. And that is exactly what the persona of Dude Dangerous is about. It’s about being able to disconnect and enjoy an interaction for that brief moment. Expecting and knowing you are getting something good without the need for serious fluff.

The fact that individuals who work hard day in and day out stop for a moment to read my sales copy.. Or watch a video that is one part pokeing fun at the industry and one part pokeing fun at myself. Allows me to continue to engauge with extreme fire, love and respect for what I do.

Sure I lose sales at times based upon the content. But there’s one line that has become the flagship phrase of Dangerous himself.

“It’s nothing personal, It’s just buisness”