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Experience top quality in automotive parts, detailing and refurbishing. For your day to day ride, race car or classic

Parts for daily drivers and more

Flexible appointments

Save money, keep quality

On a budget? I can provide above average salvaged parts to fit your needs. I have parts for most the common makes in models in our area.

Cleaned and tested

Unlike mot junkyards, I spend extra time dismantling, cleaning and insuring every part that is sold will meet the demands of the customer. Some even come with a 30 Day money back warranty

Schedule with the dude

Powder coating and paint

I offer powder coating services for small to medium sized jobs. A wide range of color options are available, and I work one on one with you to see your project is within your vision. I also offer bulk engine and body refinish prime and paint services. Pin striping is also an option 

Rent to own mopeds

Looking to save gas money? Are you a student? Or are you looking for something for short jaunts to your buddy’s house a few miles away. I can build you a made to order Moped in either 4 or 2 Stroke flavor. With efficient mileage and no need for tags or special licencing. This is surely one hell of a deal  

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Maybe you are not here for the serious stuff? This id the place for you

The Dude Dangerous Line of Swag

Who would’ve thought. Theres a damn clothing line too. Actually theres all kinds of attitude to be found in the shop

Other not so dangerous services

So many reasons to choose from

Title Consulting

So you are looking to buy a ride with no paperwork. Bad idea? No, not really but it can be taxing call or message for an appointment. I can help you title a ride for a small fee


Are you currently sorting out an estate with tons of Automotive parts, tools or actual rides? I can sell your burden. I have 12 years of online experience to back me up. I also wont break your money efforts!


Need a short time or even long term option for storing a trailer or other hitched belonging> I can assist you. I have a quiet private place that's out of sight out of mind. Call for more details

At times, you will find I have larger items for sale. or I am selling a car/motorcycle. atv. boat etc. These larger more expensive items usually are listed on sites that cover a broad area. if you live outside of thew greater carbon county area options do exist for you

  • I will deliver within a 1-2 hour drive for a small fee
  • I will hold an item provided you make a deposit
  • I will ship Items up to 50 pounds

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